PLEX PACK: 150+ Collection Icons & Letter Dividers (V4 2022-01-11)

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I've got the beginnings of a new PLEX PACK: Flex Content and Pre-Roll Videos. First couple handfuls of short commercials w/ PLEX stingers are up. This will iterate and grow over time.
Check it out:

I've been an avid user of various home media software and for the last few years I have used PLEX a lot. I have gone and created over 150 icons to use as posters for your Genre Collections and what I call "Letter Dividers" - Think of them as the plastic separators that would stick out of the shelf at Blockbuster. Each JPG is 1000x1500, fitting into the PLEX expected aspect ratio for Collections.

Posters currently in this collection:

Action (3), Adventure (3), Disaster (3), Espionage (3), Superhero (3), Animated (3), Anime (3), Comedy (3), Buddy Comedy (3), Road Trips (3), Sketch Comedy (3)
Crime (3), Gangster (3), Heist (3), Prison (3), Documentary (3), Animals (3), Nature (3), Drama (3), Courtroom Drama (3), Medical Drama (3), Political Drama (3), Teen Drama (3), Anthology (4), Found Footage (3), Unfiction (3), Family (3), Gaming (3), Board Games (3), Let's Play/Video Games (3), Magic: The Gathering (1), Halloween (3), Horror (3), Hauntings (3), Slasher (3), Mystery (2), Concert (3), Game Show (3), Musical (3), New Releases (3), War (3), Romance (3), Science Fiction (3), Abduction (3), Sports, Basketball (3), Football (3), Golf (3), Poker (3), Soccer (3),Western (3)

152 Genre Posters Currently. Black Border/Gradient with White Text.

17x3 Minimal Icon Genre Posters.

27 Letter Divider Collections. Black Background with White Text.


I make every genre based Collection a Smart Collection that will automatically include any film/show that has that Genre attached to it (This should give you a general base that will automatically include most of your media). More specific genres, like if you want a collection of Abduction-based Sci-Fi movies, should either be added to a manual Collection or a Smart Collection that looks for a tag of some sort (For anything more specific than the general Sci-Fi genre, you would most likely have to done some manual curation) as those aspects of the movies/shows won't generally be noted on the database sites the data is pulled from.

I also utilize the Sort Title to pick where I want these Collections to show. For Collections that aggregate a specific series (Like The Crow Collection that includes all of the movies and also the 1 season TV show The Crow: Stairway to Heaven, potentially also any Youtube videos I've found and archived related to the comic or movie series), I generally want those to just sit in line with all the movies in my Library.

But any collection that covers a Genre or Timeframe or Network/Studio I would want to surface to the top of my library. For those, I add a symbol in the Sort Title. By giving each 'type' of Collection - Genre, Studio, Timeframe, etc - a unique symbol in their Sort Title I can group the collections together at the top of my library.

For the Letter Dividers we can do it the same way. Using the advanced filters, look for all items that begin with a specific letter and save it as a Smart Collection (We will want to set the Item Visibility to Show This Collection and Its Items generally).

And then, another visual cue to help you navigate your library. I don't know how many people will find this interesting but it is something I am toying around with.

Please let me know if there is any changes, alternate versions, genres, etc. Any updates here should be pushed to you at no additional cost.

I want this!

A collection of 1000x1500 JPG files you can use as PLEX Collection artwork.

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PLEX PACK: 150+ Collection Icons & Letter Dividers (V4 2022-01-11)

8 ratings
I want this!